Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are You Already Blogging And You Just Don’t Know It?

I recently returned from speaking at a huge real estate conference in Las Vegas. One of my favourite parts of speaking at big conferences like that is listening to the other speakers. The highlights of this conference for me included Seth Godin (one of my favourite bloggers and authors – and Lou Holtz (famed American college football coach at Notre Dame).

There was another speaker though, Dustin Luther, founder of who said one thing that was an absolute gem for me. He spoke about blogging and some people’s reticence to start, thinking they don’t have time or don’t have anything to say!

The one main message that came through to me from his session was that most of us are already blogging (or at least doing the hard work, we just don’t know it yet!)

Every time a client asks you a question… be it about your industry, your company, your area… the answer you provide could usually be pretty easily tidied up and made a bit more generic and posted as a blog!

For example, a real estate agent who gets asked what are the best schools in a certain area or what a certain part of a contract means might as well blog the answer rather than just repeating it over and over again!

The accountant who emails a link to a specific website enabling a business name registration and some tips on how to fill the form out may as well just copy that email into a blog.

The public are becoming not only more accepting of corporate blogs, but are in some cases even demanding them!

Take this comment: “Well what else would you expect from a company where the CEO (Keith Teare), did not update his blog since September 6th.” posted about the demise of tech start up who recently made the decision to shut down after exhausting $5 million worth of funding. (See more:

So what are you waiting for? To set up your blog head to: – a very simple site owned by Google which I use, others include: , , , , , , , , , , or

To check out some other corporate blogs for inspiration head to: - Best Corporate Blogs Nominees - my blog - insanely well supported real estate blogging site in the states - McDonalds - corporate social networking site with blogging - great blogging site from a guy who wears a name tag 24/7 - my myspace page (another place I blog) which links to my “friends” with some amazing corporate blogs (people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and more)

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