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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Childish or Childlike?

Having spent a lot of time in previous years speaking at or attending conferences I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some amazing people take the stage and captivate me for an hour or more.

A few years ago a keynote speaker at a conference was unknown to me. I did a little research on him prior to the event and wasn’t sure his talk would appeal to me, it seemed he was quite focused on art and creativity and I wasn’t sure I’d get as much out of his talk as the straight business / real estate speakers I was hoping to see.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Today, years on from hearing him speak just once, what he spoke about impacts the way I try to live my life, run my business, interact with my children.

So of course when this speaker, Eric Wahl announced his new book Unthink, I pre-ordered my copy straight away (well my husband did as my mother’s day present!)

I’ve only just started reading the book, but I’m already reminded of so much of what I loved about seeing Eric on stage.

In the chapter I’ve just read – he talks about being childlike (as opposed to childish). Isn’t it funny the two different connotations those almost identical words have.

You’d probably be horrified if your boss or workmates described you as childish – but to be child like. I can see so much benefit in that.

Someone who is childlike –

-       asks “why”
They want explore and dig deeper into the meaning of things and they question the status quo all the time
-       pushes the boundaries
As my 2.5 year old is teaching me every day with her constant negotiations (5 more strawberries, 10 last minutes playing mamma!!)
-       plays
A child has a huge imagination and would jump at the chance to play make believe – can the same be said of you when someone suggests role playing?

I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of this book and couldn’t more highly recommend – if you get the chance (or can make the chance!) go and see Eric Wahl on stage. I hope to do it again myself soon!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My dream client

My dream client… communicates openly and honestly with me.

My dream client… is clear on what they want without being rude.

My dream client… understands that at all times, I’m trying to do the best by all parties in the relationship and that even though I work for them (and am therefore trying to get the best outcome for them), I can’t act outside the law.

My dream client… understands that we’re all human (much as I try not to be) and approaches tricky situations with an open mind.

My dream client… wants to build a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust.

My dream client… lets me do my job.

And tonight, I’m beginning to realize that my dream client… might be the only ones I choose to work with in the future.

I’ll keep you updated on how that works out, but my thought is. If I work with only my dream clients, I might have…

My dream… stress levels.

My dream… company culture.

My dream… work life balance.

My dream… team satisfaction.

Just a thought… Sweet dreams. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Goal setting with dire repercussions (make it happen!)

Something a little bit different for this week with a video blog for you instead! Enjoy (and stay fabulous) - Kirsty 

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The side effects of policing

I was naughty today. I parked in a (very empty) parking lot that clearly had signs up saying I should have only parked there while shopping in the three shops associated with it. Given the (very large) parking lot was deserted – I didn’t think it’d be a huge issue if I walked my pram into the office for a couple of hours while I parked there.

Clearly it was. I came back (to a still deserted parking lot) to find a letter sticky taped to my car telling me that my car rego had been recorded and that I would be reported to the police who would charge me for trespassing and tow my car if I parked there again.

Now let’s disregard the fact that I was clearly in the wrong (I admit it), or that the police wouldn’t actually charge me with trespass or tow my car. Let’s just examine the letter and it’s purpose.

Was it effective?

Sure – I won’t park there again, lesson learned by me.

Were there any other side effects?

Yup. I now don’t want shop there again either and one of the three establishments was a place I regularly visited. It’s not me being vindictive, I just hated the tone of the letter so much that now I get a bad feeling when I think about it. My natural reaction is to avoid getting that feeling so that amounts to me not parking there improperly, but also not wanting to park there properly.

Now perhaps their parking lot was so deserted because they so vigilantly police offenders like myself, but, my thoughts – if they’re going to record my details, a nicer note could have had the same effect without the side effect of lost custom for the shops. 

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