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I had the pleasure of watching arguably the world’s best magician David Copperfield live in Melbourne recently. The magic itself was awesome...

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I think I’m one of the only “motivational speakers” (not that I call myself that) who will openly admit that I watch television. I watch bad television too… even… dare I say it… reality television.

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One of my businesses, Elephant Property, works in the notoriously under appreciated category of residential property management. The old adage in property management...

The power of the word

I’m quite distraught. I was eating my personal trainer approved afternoon snack of 12 almonds (my suggestion of 12 Tim Tams: not approved)...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your boss knows…

Your boss knows when you stay later at work to finish important tasks by the time stamp on your emails.

Your boss knows when you’re getting through a huge workload by the state of your desk, the empty in tray and compliments they receive about you from other team members.

Your boss knows you’re ready for more when you can get through your current workload efficiently and effectively and you start asking for more development, more responsibility and the training to take on more tasks.

Whether they mention it immediately or not a good boss sees what you’re up to and takes an internal note of it.

They’ll remember it when it’s time for internal promotions, reviews and appraisals.

IF – you’re putting in that extra effort.

IF - you’re showing initiative.

IF – you’re getting through your workload and looking for more responsibility.

IF – you’re showing value.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preferred Future Friday

Over a lunch with a girlfriend this past weekend she told me about an inspiring friend of hers.

While I've never met him, he has inspired me as well and hopefully can do the same for a few of you.

In short, this friend of a friend, works in IT Monday through Thursday of every week. It used to be Monday to Friday - but at some stage he realised that his real passion was actually in producing music.

So now, every Friday, he no longer works in IT, dropping back to 4 days a week so that for that one day a week he can work on his passion - what he calls his "Preferred Future Friday".

He had the guts to lower his salary, step out of his comfort zone and work every Friday on what he'd like to be doing each and every day in his ideal future.

And what was my girlfriend doing last Friday night? She was at a record launch for an album her inspirational friend produced.

What's your preferred future and how are you working towards it?

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Who Do You Trust?

Family members, friends, colleagues? What organizations, businesses, companies have your trust?

What level of trust do these people and groups of people have?

Would you leave your child with them? Would you trust them to keep secret the most juicy piece of gossip? Would you trust them to sell your largest asset?

Have they always had your trust or have they had to prove they were worthy of it?

In a business sense – who trusts you?

Would your boss or workmates trust you with sensitive information?

Are you the type of person people know can be relied upon to get a job done?

Do your clients trust you (really trust you) or do they simply deal with you?

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tears of a Turtle

Zooming through the Amazon in Peru on the way to our eco lodge our amazing guide Luis stopped the boat every now and then to point out some of the fascinating wildlife.

A cayman (a sort of a small crocodile) basking on the bank, a family of capybaras (squat wombat sized rodents) nestled nibbling away at food, birds galore and what would soon become my hands down favourites – small turtles stacked unmoving on logs.

When handed Luis’ binoculars we all noticed the most beautiful thing. Surrounding each of the turtles were beautifully coloured butterflies. This on it’s own was stunning enough, but then we were told that the butterflies and turtles have a symbiotic relationship.

The butterflies drink the turtle’s tears and get vital nutrients from doing so all the while cleaning the turtle’s eyes.

It was an amazing and unexpected synergy and a partnership you’d never predict unless you saw it happening.

If you’re the turtle – who in the business world out there could be your unexpected butterfly?

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