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I think I’m one of the only “motivational speakers” (not that I call myself that) who will openly admit that I watch television. I watch bad television too… even… dare I say it… reality television.

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I’m quite distraught. I was eating my personal trainer approved afternoon snack of 12 almonds (my suggestion of 12 Tim Tams: not approved)...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

To Lunch or M-unch?

Each day most of you get a lunch break… Many will work straight through it (I know I’m guilty of this)… working straight through lunch gets you maybe an extra 40 minutes of work in your day… maybe you're a little more cranky and tired and therefore dilutes the quality of your work… maybe it also means you munch away at your lunch and don’t enjoy it (or don’t notice it’s dubious nutritional quality?)

I’m suggesting this week – instead of just munching lunch at your desk, aim to swap it at least 3 times for one of these other M-unches.

M-unch #1 – the meeting lunch. Invite someone awesome to lunch and have a scintillating conversation or learning experience.

M-unch #2 – the mastermind lunch. Grab a book and sit in a park for 40 minutes and increase your brainpower during lunch.

M-unch #3 – the movement lunch. Grab a friend and get moving. Swim or walk for 30 minutes.

M-unch #4 – the mentoring lunch. Find someone younger or less experience than you and take them out to lunch and share a bit of your experience with them. (Or if you don’t feel you’re ready to take on that yet, ask someone you value to offer their wisdom to you).

M-unch #5 – shout your Mum (or Dad – although D-unch doesn’t have quite the same ring to it) to lunch and let them know that you value the role they’ve had in making you the person you are today.

To Munch or simply Lunch? That is the question for the next week - here's hoping you can M-unch (maximise your lunch).

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Monday, April 19, 2010

How Do We Learn?

If my first experience eating a seafood platter is anything to go by, I can tell you for certain I learn by watching those around me.

I learned my phone technique from the fabulous people I saw around me every day when I worked on my first real estate reception at age 15 (thanks Nat and Janelle).

I learned basic web design from watching my first business partner (thanks Andrew).

I still learn every day how to be a better property manager by watching and working with 3 of the greatest (thank you Megan, Bella and Laurel).

My point... there's no point telling your team to work one way if you're going to demonstrate another in front of them. You will not have your new staff following systems correctly if your senior staff don't set the example, you will not have fearless sales people when it comes to cold calling if the culture in your office says that it's terrifying to pick up the phone and call a stranger and you will not have happy staff if you're an unhappy leader. And finally - along with observation comes the verbal side of it - coaching after the fact to correct and refine.

Oh - and back to the seafood platter. I hadn't eaten one before the age of about 19 and I really had no idea what I was doing. So rather than dig in I sat back for a few minutes and watched everyone else at the table. I saw how to handle a mussel, what to do with lobster and how to deal with fish bones.

I learned by watching.

However, being inexperienced in the world of seafood, I didn't get it exactly right just from observation (as was proven to me when I was politely told that the bowl I was dipping everything into was the finger bowl!) But after a little verbal coaching I was back on track and have never looked back.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Are The Most Valuable Commodities?

In my mind, ingenuity, the ability to be able to create something from nothing and the ability to problem solve all have to be right up the top the list.

That’s why I was so inspired by what some people online are creating out of nothing (well out of duct tape, toilet paper and garbage bags).

(both of the above made entirely from duct tape)

(both dresses made from toilet paper!

(made from a garbage bag)

If the above masterpieces can be created from household items most of us would readily throw away – what masterpieces can you create in the workplace from next to nothing to show your ingenuity and creativity?

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Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Hero (and she's only 12)

This is my new hero - she's 12 and her name is Lauren.

What she's holding up there is her Dream Board full of things she wants to do, earn, be, have invest in and go to in life.

Lauren's fabulous parents were constructing their Dream Boards when Lauren decided off her own back to head to her room and start clipping and searching and planning for her own future. She was so enthusiastic that her board was the first one completed in their house.

It's an awesome example of someone not content to life drift by them, someone who wants to reach out and create the life she wants.

Just goes to show you you're never too young to start dreaming, planning and working towards your goals. Now if she's 12 and is already a rock star at this - what's stopping you?

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Extra Oomph!

We recently had a little party at our office and our caterer added just a little bit of oomph that has made me since recommend them to a number of other people.

Firstly - I suggested a menu. They quoted on that but then took the time to prepare an extra special menu at their recommendation which cost no more but was far more fabulous than I had planned. Tick for initiative.

Next - Right after the event we received a request for some feedback from them with them even suggesting what they think they could have done better. Tick for caring what we thought of the event.

Finally - Without us knowing it, they took our company logo and colours (an elephant in black and pink) and hand crafted these cupcakes for our event (see photo below). Not only were they a huge hit but they were a complete surprise to us. Tick for extra oomph!

All this has prompted me to recommend them to friends and colleagues - and now to you. If you're looking for a caterer who goes the extra mile in Launceston, I highly suggest you check out The Atrium Cafe.

What are you doing in your business that has a little surprise or initiative factor that will make your clients want to recommend you far and wide?

(and PS - I don't know whether it's just me and cupcakes, but I couldn't write this blog without also mentioning Cutie Cups in Hobart - www.cutiecupcakes.com.au who went above and beyond with these personalised amazing cupcakes from our Baby Teresa launch).

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Walk Away Or Hold ‘Em?

Quickly think of the 10 people you spend most of your time with and jot them down in any order.

Pick a person on that list at random.

If I told you that in 12 months time you’d be exhibiting more of their personality traits, emulating their success level and experiencing the type of relationships they have – how would that make you feel?

If they’re people you would love to be becoming more like – great. If they’re not?

Well in the words of the immortal Kenny Rogers “the secret to survivin’, is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep”…. “you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run”.

Now – I’m not saying you have to “fold” on any family member, colleague or friend who isn’t living your dream life, but if there is someone in your close circle who gave you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you envisaged becoming more like them. Perhaps it is time to walk away and spend more time with those people who inspire you?

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