Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Extra Oomph!

We recently had a little party at our office and our caterer added just a little bit of oomph that has made me since recommend them to a number of other people.

Firstly - I suggested a menu. They quoted on that but then took the time to prepare an extra special menu at their recommendation which cost no more but was far more fabulous than I had planned. Tick for initiative.

Next - Right after the event we received a request for some feedback from them with them even suggesting what they think they could have done better. Tick for caring what we thought of the event.

Finally - Without us knowing it, they took our company logo and colours (an elephant in black and pink) and hand crafted these cupcakes for our event (see photo below). Not only were they a huge hit but they were a complete surprise to us. Tick for extra oomph!

All this has prompted me to recommend them to friends and colleagues - and now to you. If you're looking for a caterer who goes the extra mile in Launceston, I highly suggest you check out The Atrium Cafe.

What are you doing in your business that has a little surprise or initiative factor that will make your clients want to recommend you far and wide?

(and PS - I don't know whether it's just me and cupcakes, but I couldn't write this blog without also mentioning Cutie Cups in Hobart - www.cutiecupcakes.com.au who went above and beyond with these personalised amazing cupcakes from our Baby Teresa launch).

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