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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Impact of Little

It was a little thing she did for us - organising a dinner reservation. It was made a little more complicated by the fact that we'd asked her to do it on next to no notice. We thought she'd have little chance of making it happen given the restaurant we were hoping for. And yet, the little smile on her lips told me she'd been able to get it together. 

Louisa was on the front desk of the Quest East Melbourne when myself and 3 treasured girlfriends (and business partners) checked in for our 2 night stay. As we were pulling up I remembered that last time we'd stayed here Megan had told me that going to Press Club (George from Master Chef's restaurant)  was on her "Bucket List". It was Friday evening, 7pm, the chance of getting a table for that evening was slim I knew (and going the next night on our 2 night journey wasn't a possibility due to a pre-existing date we had with Keith Urban).

And yet, by 9.00pm in the middle of a bustling restaurant without an empty seat - we sat a table, perfectly set for 4 little friends, enjoying an 8 course degustation feast and ticking something off one of our Bucket Lists. 

Wanting to make sure Louisa knew the impact of her "little" action - we bought her a small gift and left her a card the next day explaining the power in what she'd done. It's not every day you get to be instrumental in helping someone tick something off their bucket list and in creating a night for 4 friends that won't soon be forgotten. 

Every day in your life you'll have the power to do little actions - you might never know which one of them has had a huge impact, but don't forget that they have that power! 

PS - a day later I got this email from Louia's boss Natasha: "Just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU! You're words really had an impact on Louisa & she called me last night at home just so she could read your card to me. Just a little reminder for her that what may be so simple to her can mean so much to someone else."

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Blue Cave

I spluttered in the water, clutching at the pool noodle which had been thoughtfully provided to me. The waves weren't strong, but what was ahead of me was, in short, terrifying. 

I watched as my husband bobbed along like a motor driven cork and dipped down, below the cliff face and into.... nothing. Moments later he popped back out and I could tell from the look on his face that he knew this was going to be a challenge for me. 

Behind the cliff face, so the tiny boat driver had told us was a cave, the Blue Cave. Only, to get there we had to dive down under the cliff face, through the water, from the blazing sunlight and into complete darkness trusting that we would pop up into the cave.  

Now, by way of full disclaimer, although I did get my Scuba qualification last year, I am afraid of putting my head under water and also, of fish (curious given I'm a Pisces). Being 6 months pregnant made me a little more wary (although perhaps more buoyant), but, I doubt I would have felt much more confident at my fighting best. 

I was determined though. I hate letting fear stop me from living. Clutching my husband's hand, he promised he'd hold it and guide me through. We swam toward the cliff face and dipped down, how far I'm not sure, too far I'm told! Half way through my husband let go of my hand. His plan was to push me through if I needed it - only I hadn't been informed of the plan, and panicking I turned tail and swam back to the light. 

On my second go down, hand held (no pushing required) I swam from the light down, down, down and through... into what appeared to be total darkness and popped up into something that can only be described as magnificent. A cave, hidden to those who aren't shown, lit by a single shaft of light from a hole above the cave. Silent, calm, amazing. Beautiful blue clear water lapped at us and we were the only two people in the cave - our own beautiful Valentine's Day moment on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. It had been described to me as an almost spiritual experience and it's certainly one I'm glad I didn't let pass me by because of a little fear of the unknown. 

Every so often in life - to get to somewhere magnificent and memorable you have to venture into not only uncharted, scary territory, but also into a place where the destination can't be seen and, is often, beyond our imagination. Many won't dive. Many will try and turn back. Some will make it through regardless of how many goes it takes them and they'll experience their own Blue Cave moment. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sense of Urgency

In sitting here wracking my brain about the best angle to take in writing this blog the best analogy I could come up with for “urgency” was spice.

Now I may not be the best cook, but even I know that adding spices, herbs, flavouring of any kind to a dish is essential. Too little and the dish is bland, too much and you’ve overpowered it. It’s a balancing act. 

So too is knowing when to treat something as urgent.

Without any sense of urgency in the workplace, you convey a dispassionate attitude to your peers and clients that can often be mistaken as one of not caring.

Too much urgency and you’ll burn out, you’ll be a horror to work and your focus will suffer without direction.

So how do we get the balancing act right.

Well – first you’ve got to figure out what in your job requires urgency. For someone in my field (a property manager) something that requires a “sense of urgency” might be an application on a property that’s vacant, maintenance relating to lack of heating or a water leak, a new business enquiry or a customer complaint.

Secondly – you’ve got to be able to act with a sense of urgency without losing your professionalism. There’s no point understanding sense of urgency and when the time calls for it – if you can’t work at your optimum level as soon as a situation goes from “normal busy” to “urgent”.

Thirdly – you’ve got be able to prioritise/delegate and communicate around whatever is just under urgent (or has been pushed to the side by urgent) so that when the urgent matter is dealt with, nothing important has been missed.

I’ve often reflected on that old adage that I’d rather work any day with someone with the right attitude than the right capability – but I’m going to add this right up there onto my list.

I would rather work with someone who understand when to light a fire, when to hop to gear and when to snap into “sense of urgency” mentality than someone who is cool, calm and collected at all times.

When do you require a sense of urgency?

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten years ago…

I joked tonight to a girlfriend that my goals have changed from when I was younger because then I wanted “all the money”, I wanted my real estate agency to transact “all the real estate”, I wanted to travel “all the time” and to “everywhere”.

I’m mid way through compiling a book on my story along with others based on our current definitions on “having it all”.

I know 10 years ago my definition of having it all was really different to what it is now.

I wanted all the money
I want enough money so that I don’t ever have to worry about “the money”

I wanted to transact all the real estate in all the locations
I want a smaller business focused on providing an exceptional experience and setting news standards for the style of work quality and environment we provide (and I certainly don’t want to manage all the real estate!)

I wanted to spend every night in a different hotel room in a different city of the world.
I still want to travel – a lot – to exotic destinations. But I also love my own bed, I love my environment. I want to supplement my life with exciting travel adventures - not constantly being on the road.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a parent, I was just sure that if I did I wanted it to be a conscious informed decision.
As much as my choice to have both of my children (I’m pregnant with my second right now) was conscious I realize that you can never be fully informed on what the experience will be like until you have it! And now my I so desperately want to be the best mother I can to my kids, while also still maintaining a strong sense of who I am in addition to being their mother.

How are your goals different from ten years ago?

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