Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten years ago…

I joked tonight to a girlfriend that my goals have changed from when I was younger because then I wanted “all the money”, I wanted my real estate agency to transact “all the real estate”, I wanted to travel “all the time” and to “everywhere”.

I’m mid way through compiling a book on my story along with others based on our current definitions on “having it all”.

I know 10 years ago my definition of having it all was really different to what it is now.

I wanted all the money
I want enough money so that I don’t ever have to worry about “the money”

I wanted to transact all the real estate in all the locations
I want a smaller business focused on providing an exceptional experience and setting news standards for the style of work quality and environment we provide (and I certainly don’t want to manage all the real estate!)

I wanted to spend every night in a different hotel room in a different city of the world.
I still want to travel – a lot – to exotic destinations. But I also love my own bed, I love my environment. I want to supplement my life with exciting travel adventures - not constantly being on the road.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a parent, I was just sure that if I did I wanted it to be a conscious informed decision.
As much as my choice to have both of my children (I’m pregnant with my second right now) was conscious I realize that you can never be fully informed on what the experience will be like until you have it! And now my I so desperately want to be the best mother I can to my kids, while also still maintaining a strong sense of who I am in addition to being their mother.

How are your goals different from ten years ago?

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