Retired at 27, If I can do it anyone can

Retired At 27 - If I Can Do It Anyone Can
By Kirsty Dunphey

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Retired at 27 - If I can do it anyone can is a true story outlining the business mistakes, successes and lessons that took Kirsty from having absolutely nothing to being retired financially free at 27.

Kirsty’s story showcases the fact that success is achievable and available to everyone regardless of their current circumstances. Kirsty reveals that being young, female and broke were no barriers because she had the right attitude, determination and integrity.

As a former Australian Telstra 2002 Young Business Woman of the Year (the youngest ever recipient) and Tasmania’s Young Australian of the Year for 2004 amongst many other accolades Kirsty is well recognized as a leading business thinker, entrepreneur and mentor to thousands.

All copies of this book signed by the author, Kirsty Dunphey.

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What are people saying about the book?
This book is jam packed full of personal and business gems. In a few short years Kirsty has learnt through practical experience what she believes are the key factors to success. She is living proof of that. By sharing what she has already discovered, this book is certain to inspire anyone to achieve what they want in life!
John Anderson, Contiki Founder
Kirsty Dunphey is an Australian success story. She proves that anyone that desires to achieve, can. I encourage you to read this book, highlight it, but most importantly apply it.
Pat Mesiti, International Speaker and Author
Retired at 27 gives a new meaning to the words informative, insightful, and is a down to earth road map to personal and financial growth! I normally stop reading after the one hour mark. But between you and me I finished the book in the first reading!!! Kirsty you are in DA HOUSE!
Eric Bailey, Activational/Motivational Speaker and Coach
Retired at 27 is practical business advice from someone who’s been there and done it at a young age. It’s a must read for anyone thinking of starting their own business.
Barbara & Allan Pease, Body Language Experts and Authors of 14 Best Selling Books
I have just finished reading Retired at 27 and absolutely loved it! In fact, I liked it so much, I have ordered a copy for a young friend operating her own real estate agency! Fantastic, easy reading and full of some down to earth and easy to implement ideas. Kirsty's book is a must for anyone even contemplating starting their own business. Oh, and by the way.........I'm a lot older than 27, a partner in a real estate agency, and still managed to get an enormous amount of the book - and particularly Kirsty's unique slant on life.
Carolena Boyd, Paxton Hoad Perth
Kirsty continues to amaze and astound those of us even more than twice her age!!!. In her latest book Retired at 27, if I can do it anyone can, once again is an incredible very down to earth account of Kirsty's journey through life, this time with the emphasis on her Business Acumen, her willingness, and complete honesty and openness with readers as she shares her ups and downs throughout her business career. This little Tasmanian Dynamo is a real inspiration and awesome role model to all those whose lives she touches and enhances through her simple formula of maximising life's opportunities. We all look forward to the next chapter in this amazing journey of inspiration, leadership and success. Good luck Kirsty you richly deserve it. You are a living legend of someone who makes and utilises your own luck.
Colin Dick, AREINZ
I loved your books… very easy to read, smooth flowing and the best part was the way you communicate the message across… through your personal experiences. You take the reader with you every step of the way. You make us want to go out there, take action towards our goals and conquer the world… and it all looks achievable. Look forward to your next book.
Namita Mallya, Creator/Owner - kidImpressions
Retired at 27….. Who wouldn’t love that! Kirsty you are an inspiration to me and as I can only imagine to young business people everywhere. I have taken a few tips from your book that I have implemented in to my business (RED) so thank you for them. Thank you for pointing out that anyone can be in your position if they really want to be regardless of family history, education etc. Another fantastic book, what else would we expect from you!
Aleisha Peers - Director, Shellharbour First National
As a business owner, sometime property investor and self confessed "guru-sceptic" and having read many books on property investment and business entrepreneurialism, I have recently ended a two year sabbatical from the genre by reading Kirsty Dunphey’s Retired At 27. What a breath of fresh air amongst an over-crowded bookshelf! Kirsty has achieved what many authors promise to show you how to do (without having done so themselves) – become financially secure through passion, determination, and inspiration. Kirsty does a magnificent job of describing the realities of becoming successful. Too often I’ve read of "theories" of success that have no pitfalls along the way, but Kirsty tells it how it is, and it’s not all beer and skittles. I’ve taken many things from Retired At 27 that I have applied to my own business, even though I’m in an industry far removed from real estate. In fact I read the book, cover to cover, in one sitting and was so inspired and re-invigorated I immediately wrote a list of a dozen changes and improvements I could make in my own life and business. I encourage everyone to leave their inhibitions and preconceptions at the door and read Retired At 27. As Kirsty says, "Never stop educating yourself. If you stop learning, you stop growing." And as I say, "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."
Nick Murphy
This is an inspirational book that you will want to read again and again. Take the advice, gather and use the wealth of practical information Kirsty has generously provided. It motivated me to make action plans, and gave me plenty of ideas not just for business, but for personal life as well. I highly recommend this as a book to move anyone forward on the road to success.
Sally McLaine
Wanting to start a business I felt overwhelmed, until I read Kirsty's second book. Wow!!! I could not put it down. It was motivating, inspiring and all I wanted to do was challenge the world. Kirsty makes anything and everything feel achievable, and encourages others to strive towards success. What an amazing role model and mentor. A must read!
Sam Appleyard
What an inspirational read!! Kirsty manages to provide the motivational platform from which to leap, without the arrogance of experience, and with the unexpected humbleness of a truly successful and amazing young woman.
Candice Gillies
Kirsty Dunphey, you were self-made long before you were a millionaire. This is a brilliant book that gives real advice for real people from real success. This is the second of your books that has grabbed 110 per cent of my attention. I'm placing my order now for the 3rd, 4th and 5th!
Dion Flanagan
You're an amazing little dynamo, Kirsty, and this book is another example of your business savvy, your down-to-earth approach, your phenomenal energy and your capacity to practice what you preach. I really enjoyed the treasure trove of practical strategies and anecdotes that highlight the many lessons and insights you so generously share. Congratulations on another educational, entertaining and easy-to-read addition to the Dunphey Library!
Nairn Walker, Social Solutions
I was lucky enough to read Kirsty’s new book on holidays so I could completely consume myself in what she was saying. The sheer honesty and practicality with which she writes is so valuable to business owners and people who aspire to do more with their lives. Kirsty gives the inspiration to break out of your comfort zone and go for what you want, without shying away from the reality of hard work and perseverance. I would recommend ‘Retired at 27: If I can Do It Anyone Can’ to anyone wanting to open their minds and rule their world! Thanks Kirsty for so honestly sharing your knowledge!
Tina Tower, Reach Education Centre
This was the first book I’ve read of Kirsty’s, and after reading it in 3 days I can’t wait to read her other book. Kirsty’s insight to success & business knowledge is just brilliant. Being a new business owner, I found Kirsty’s new book, ‘Retired at 27 – If I can do it anyone can’, to be practical, thought provoking and an imperative resource to anyone in business or even starting a new business.
Sam Cawthorn
I have just read Retired at 27 by Kirsty – just couldn’t put it down. Being a business owner for 20 years I just wished I had read a book like this back then, what a difference it could have made, I learnt by making mistakes. Well done Kirsty this book will help any age group achieve financial freedom
Malcom Riley
Retired at 27 reads just the way the author speaks! It's fast-paced, reader friendly and endlessly informative. There are so many tips that I can use in my everyday life to get where I want to be faster. I might even aim to make it by 27 myself!
Bella Fountain
I have just finished reading your second book and I found it really helpful. I think your first book inspired me on a personal level, but this one inspired me on a business one. Not many people lay out the negatives and the precautions (as well as the positives) and I thank you for this.
Belinda Leskiw
Kirsty is an inspiration to all. To follow in her footsteps makes my trip to business success that little bit easier. Through great motivation and brilliant business skill she has shown us all the way.
Elisa Rooney
I have just been reading Retired at 27 and am now using this book as a "bible" for setting up my businesses in the future. Kirsty has great insight into people and a great heart and I thank her very much for her coaching (through the book) and look forward to upcoming books that she writes.
Phillip Manfredi
I Love Kirsty’s Retired at 27 it's a fabulous business toolkit – it's easy to read and crammed full of great tips and ideas for anyone thinking of going into business or already in business …. love it!
Sherryl Hewlett
MMC (Pat Mesiti) sent me your second book and CD of your interview with him. I enjoyed both so much I immediately gave the book to my wife and said this is a must read. I then bought your first book and it like the first has kept me awake most nights. One from reading it..I can't put it down. Second, from all the ideas, inspirations and RED's that you have given me. I can't wait now to get into your learning pack. Thankyou
Mark Hurwood
I found Kirsty's book, and the interview with Pat Mesiti, to be both humourous and relevant, and I have taken a number of points away to use in both my personal and professional lives. She is a true go-getter and wise beyond her years, obviously with a passion for serving people. May she continue to prosper, and to inspire others to greater heights.
Trudie Walters
I did find time to read your book over Easter. It was a very good and an easy read (very grateful for that!!) - you have done very well for yourself....I think it would be amazing to be 27 and debt free! and retired! (though I doubt someone with your energy will not stay that way for long). I hope the book inspires many young ladies to try walking your path (pity I hadnt read it way back when I was a girl!!)
Sue Hickey
Kirsty's book is an inspirational read about how she made her financial dreams and goals a reality. Whether you are 12 years old or 72 years old there is value for you in this book, as Kirsty tells you what she did and how she made it happen. I love her mantra that anything is possible!
Sara Redman
Thank you so much for writing your books! I bought both your books, after I saw them in the Australian Property Magazine, seeing the title 'Retired at 27', I knew I had to get them both! I'm 22, and for the last 6 years since I left school, I have been dreaming, planning and now setting solid goals, to retire by 26! So when I saw that you had become Financially Free by 27, I thought, yes, my plans aren't crazy after all! In my current role I have the enormous task of putting everything in my head into the computer - SYSTEMS! I can't believe how great timing it was for me to read your books! All the points you made on having great systems in place, make heaps more sense, and I see value in making great systems! I hope you will bring out more books on Real Estate and Personal Development.
Janna Aitken
My review can be summarised in a word, sensational! I found myself retracking everything I have done over the last 5 years to get my company to where it is today. Ironically you mentioned "always up" which is something I stress to my team daily. Makes a masive difference to how they apply themselves and the results we achieve as a team! I related extremely well to your book, to some extent it has summarised my last 5 years.
Tobi Skovron
I picked up your book as part of my Christmas reading and have just finished it. I was pleasantly surprised to find I made as many notes as I did when I read E-Myth. There's some good meaty material there - congratulations Kirsty. I look forward to giving it to my son.
Malcolm Walker, GreyHair Alchemy
I thoroughly enjoyed both of your books, and I will be re-reading them, so thank you for your wonderful efforts. I also subscribe to your newsletter, which I find very inspirational. I couldn't put your books down until I'd read them through. I found it amazing when you said that a lot of people don't get past the first couple of pages. Thank you for sharing your experiences & wisdom. Keep them coming!
Denise Haynes

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