Public Speaking

Well – you see: I’m not doing a lot of public speaking at the moment. After winning the Telstra Young Business Woman for Australia I was excited to get out there and share my story and I so enjoyed doing it for a good few years.

Now? I’m creating a new story. I’ve got new businesses on the go, new books being written, a new family being built. As such I’ve really limited the number of speaking jobs I’m taking on right now.

But – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask! Worse case scenario I’ll be flattered and say no, but put you in contact with some other fabulous speakers. Best case scenario, you  may appeal to me in such a way that I can’t say no.

When will I be back doing public speaking flat out? I can’t say for sure. Perhaps when I’ve written the next chapter in my life!

To contact me about potential speaking jobs head on here.

To view my old website which showed you what I spoke about head on in here

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