1,001 Real Estate Tips to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career

1,001 Real Estate Tips to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career
By Kirsty Dunphey and an array of worldwide experts


Kirsty has joined forces with some of the biggest names in real estate worldwide to put together this 1,001 tips to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career guide. Covering all areas of real estate this program will be a huge asset to new agents, however those who have been in the industry for years will still find heaps of ideas to improve their careers.

As well as tips from Kirsty this program features - John McGrath, Pat Mesiti, John Schackleton, Glen Coutinho, Peter Kakos, Kirsty Spraggon, Craig Stephens, Amber Werchon, Karen Schmidt, Carly Crutchfield, Pete Williams, Paul Fenech, Candice Gillies, Aleisha Peers, Malcom Riley, Colin Dick, Tekla Kriddle, Katey Lane, Dirk Zeller, Ron White, David Knox, Rich Levin, Darryl Davis & Richard Robbins and more.

Kirsty says - OK! I've finally done it - I've put together a program, purely for real estate agents. I wanted to base the program, on my 20 years experience in the industry, but of course, no one person can know everything, so I've gone to my friends in real estate from all around the world, the result - 1,001 tips to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career! Each section contains over 20 (sometimes up to 50!) simple, easy to implement, do-able (sure it's a word!) NOW tips. This program is all about helping you take action to start, improve or maximise your real estate business today.

Sections in 1001 tips include: After Sales Service, Databasing, Dealing with Property Investors, Buyer Appointments, Open Homes, Property Management, New Agents, Email Tips, Talent Sourcing, Strategic Alliances, Goal Setting, Systemisation, Customer Service, Publicity and Media, Working with assistants and teams, Retaining Loyal Clients, Testimonials, Training and Personal Development, Creating amazing advertisements, Motivation, Vendor Management, Technology, Listing, Developing a Point of Difference (and more!)

Please note, this program delivery is by way of multiple ebooks - linked in one email.  Experts and the total number of tips varies from section to section and overall.

Purchase the entire 1,001 Tips program - for individual use
(Anywhere Worldwide) $69.95
Purchase the entire 1,001 Tips program - for whole office use
(Anywhere Worldwide) $99.95

What are people saying about the program?
This product is brilliant, not too much to take in at any one time, and a work sheet to help you see where you’re at in relation to the particular tip... It's food for thought on a weekly basis.
Dion Flanagan
1,001 Tips is a must have for any Real Estate Professional who loves to keep on top of their game and excel in a competitive market. My highlighter has just about run dry from marking relevant notes in each topic which is sent out weekly by email. Once these tips from some the industry's best and brightest are implemented you will have a range of habits, scripts, systems and tools to draw upon allowing you to shine amongst your competitors. I have been able to improve buyer management systems, after sales service levels, networking opportunities and database building all in just 5 weeks of receiving my first 1,001 tips email! It is hands on with checklists and reminders, practical in that any database can be improved, and immediate yet flexible in that you can read the email straight away or come back to it when you need it. I can't believe there is a written document from the best in the business for less than $100!! It's easily the best value training you will get.
Adam Drummond, Director, Fitzpatricks Real Estate
This is a fantastic program, really comprehensive and in depth with some proven but fantastic ideas and initiatives. The sections are easy to follow and informative, I can't wait for them to arrive each week! I am so excited and fired up! Many thanks.
Colin Dick, Harcourts New Zealand

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