Interaction Enhancement

Interaction Enhancement
By Kirsty Dunphey

2 x CD + workbook: $69.95

Interaction Enhancement - Kirsty's new 2 CD program guides you through 2 weeks worth of listening and activities and results in a whole new way for you to impress, create relationships and dramatically improve your ongoing customer referrals.

In this program Kirsty takes you on a journey to dramatically improve your interactions with those around you and to create powerful and profitable relationships to enhance your fulfilment and success in every day of your life.

Covering many different areas including customer service, networking and creating the WOW factor Interaction Enhancement is a must have for anyone looking to be remembered and referred in their environment.

If you can spare around 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks in your car on the way to work or in your office or even in the shower this program is for you. It is ideal for those in sales and service positions (of course Kirsty comes from a real estate background) - but it has been designed to suit anyone in any career in any industry.

Purchase 1 x copy of Interaction Enhancement 2 CD set plus workbook (Posted anywhere worldwide) $69.95 + $3.50 P/H
Purchase 2 x copies of Interaction Enhancement 2 CD set plus workbook (Posted anywhere worldwide) $99.95 + $7.00 P/H

What are people saying about the program?
As an information junkie, I have just finished listening to Kirsty’s Interaction Enhancement CDs, for me it was easy to follow and above all easy to do, the idea of doing a little each day for 2 weeks was just great for me personally – each day made me think outside of the square – thank you Kirsty.
Malcom Riley, Real Estate Trainer
I found Interaction Enhancement a real joy! The workbook is not your typical reams of paper that will take hours to complete, yet it allows you clarity and focus on your task. Listening to Kirsty every day has been a real motivator too. She is bubbly and full of enthusiasm which just tends to rub off on you.
Angela Kurlich
I am currently working my way through your "Interaction Enhancement" programme. It is so simple and is already proving to be incredibly effective. I'm loving it and am looking forward to making a difference and making everyone I come into contact with know how important they are. Thanks once again Kirsty, you are an inspiration!
Maria Dine
Kirsty you've done it again. Being in the business of helping businesses strengthen their business relationships with their clients by providing the extra mile - these CD's have sure given me a few more examples on how the small details are usually the most powerful - does not have to be expensive, take a lot of time or too hard. A quick and simple process. Thank you - keeping doing what you do so well - so that we can be inspired to do so as well!
Ida Lewis

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