Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preferred Future Friday

Over a lunch with a girlfriend this past weekend she told me about an inspiring friend of hers.

While I've never met him, he has inspired me as well and hopefully can do the same for a few of you.

In short, this friend of a friend, works in IT Monday through Thursday of every week. It used to be Monday to Friday - but at some stage he realised that his real passion was actually in producing music.

So now, every Friday, he no longer works in IT, dropping back to 4 days a week so that for that one day a week he can work on his passion - what he calls his "Preferred Future Friday".

He had the guts to lower his salary, step out of his comfort zone and work every Friday on what he'd like to be doing each and every day in his ideal future.

And what was my girlfriend doing last Friday night? She was at a record launch for an album her inspirational friend produced.

What's your preferred future and how are you working towards it?

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