Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your boss knows…

Your boss knows when you stay later at work to finish important tasks by the time stamp on your emails.

Your boss knows when you’re getting through a huge workload by the state of your desk, the empty in tray and compliments they receive about you from other team members.

Your boss knows you’re ready for more when you can get through your current workload efficiently and effectively and you start asking for more development, more responsibility and the training to take on more tasks.

Whether they mention it immediately or not a good boss sees what you’re up to and takes an internal note of it.

They’ll remember it when it’s time for internal promotions, reviews and appraisals.

IF – you’re putting in that extra effort.

IF - you’re showing initiative.

IF – you’re getting through your workload and looking for more responsibility.

IF – you’re showing value.

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