Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Secret 6 - Confidence Counts

Successful people have confidence that they are important.

High achievers whilst not always shouting their achievements in a bragging format to the treetops, typically have high confidence levels. They understand that they’re trying to do good in the world, that they’re acting with the best intentions and that what they do makes a difference.

I just met a fabulous young man who wants to get into public speaking, but doesn’t think he has a story to tell that others would be interested in hearing. I chuckled when I heard that because I used to feel the same way. So one day I said – ok, regardless of what I think - if I had to tell a story and share some lessons, what would they be? From there I started telling my story at schools, rotary clubs and then worked my way up to doing paid jobs in front of thousands of people. I couldn’t start charging for my services as a speaker however until I had the confidence that I was providing value for money.

Confidence comes with success yes, but even before then it can come to you if you know you’re doing the best job you can. Success follows people who are committing to excellence even when they’re not sure anyone’s looking!

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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