Monday, July 2, 2007

Secret 10 – Great things come to those who ask

This is one of my favourite secrets because it fits really well with my personality. Will it work for you? Perhaps not exactly in the way I’m describing that it has worked for me, but I think that’s a good thing! If we were all exactly alike and could absorb someone else’s success tips word for word and action for action we’d have no need to use our brains! As with all these tips – internalize them and find a way for you to make them your own!

Back onto the secret though – and that is: Be a little cheeky! I’m a big believer in cheeky!

One recent example of me being cheeky… Pete Williams author of “How to turn your million dollar idea into reality” was featured in last month’s Business Essentials, an audio program that goes out to business professionals everywhere on CD. Pete was nice enough to organize me a copy. After listening to it I was impressed with the program and impressed with Pete for getting himself onto it!

Not wanting to be outdone I emailed the head of Business Essentials, told him about myself and let him know in my own cheeky way that I thought he should interview me next! Now I don’t like to ask for things without giving as well – so I listed a bunch of compelling reasons why interviewing me would work well for Business Essentials and what I could offer in return (never just try and take, always give first!)

Suffice it to say that cheeky Kirsty won out and I’ve been featured as July’s Business Essentials cover interview. If you would like to listen to part of my interview head here: and to find out more about Business Essentials head here:

So – that was a great result for me, but don’t think I always get my own way! I often ask for things I don’t get, but I’m never going to stop asking. The “no” response leaves me in no worse a place than I was to begin with!

Great things come to those who ask – what can you be cheeky and ask for today?

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