Thursday, November 8, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things… lately anyway

What is it: Online super simple goal tracking site.
Why I love it: It’s free, it’s very visual and it’s so intuitively easy! Check it out yourself.

What is it: If it’s cool and new – they write about it here
Why I love it: Check out this story: to see what I mean. It’s perfect if you’re a blog writer wanting content, an entrepreneur wanting ideas or if you just want to kill 15 minutes reading about everything from gyms where kids exercise with video games to vending machines for prescription drugs.

What is it: Artists submit t-shirt designs, the public vote and then the most popular ones get printed and sold
Why I love it: I’m a huge t-shirt and hoody fan and the designs on this site are tdf (to die for!)

What is it: An online site to assist real estate agents in writing amazing advertisements for their properties
Why I love it: Because if I see another advert with the heading “This won’t last” or “Affordable 3 bedroom home” I may choke on my own vomit!
Why I’m biased: Because it’s my company!

What is it: Olive was born in 1899 and she blobs… ok – she blogs, but sometimes she calls it a blob – too cute!
Why I love it: How old is too old to blog? If 107 isn’t – then you’ve got no excuse!

Check out some of my other recommendations (perhaps a little more on the serious side) here:

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