Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aliases (not the Sydney Bristow type)

A lot of things bug me. One of them is seeing a company with a website that doesn’t have email @ that website. For example, their business card will read:


It just drives me insane that someone would go to the trouble of having a domain name, but not also have / etc as their email aliases.

While I’m ranting thought, let me tell you one thing that doesn’t bug me. Companies that make clever usage of their email aliases:

legendaryservice [at] reminded me how much I love interesting email aliases this morning (why am I typing [at] instead of using the @ - because this is a real email addresses – and I don’t want them to get besigued with spam)

What does it cost you to get another email alias set up so that Robyn at your work had the email: as well as or

Well, with my internet hosting set up, it wouldn’t cost me anything extra. You might find it costs a couple of extra dollars set up, once off.

But the benefits are: You make Robyn smile, you make Robyn more likely to want to give her email address out (and your company domain conversely) to everyone she knows, you make your customer smile, you show a bit of your personality. All good things if you ask me.

To check out a very cute use of email aliases see the last two staff members on this page:

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