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Success Junkie Interview - Tobi Skovron - Co-Director of Pup-Pee Solutions Pty Ltd

Tobi is a self confessed Go-Getter and Entrepreneur who thrives on turning concepts into business. For nearly 10 years Tobi's professional background was based around Health in both Personal and Corporate environments. It was Tobi's partner Simone's passion and appreciation for pets that propelled Tobi into changing career paths and create the business Pup-Pee Solutions Pty Ltd. As a team they created The Pet Loo and will continue to release further products in the range -

In bringing such a new and innovative product to the market I can imagine marketing was one of your biggest challenges. What were the most successful ways you got people to know and talk about the Pet Loo?

Maybe this will help, this is being featured on the Vic Gov Website:

I can see from your website that you're taking your Australian success story international - what have been your most exciting successes to date?

What I get the biggest kick out of is the stories that come into our office by email / fax / phone & pictures saying how happy they are that they can own a pet despite their dwelling situation. It doesn’t matter if the person is disabled, unwell, living alone, young, old, live in the coldest climate, apartment down town or a town house the benefits of animal companionship and breaking down barriers to pet ownership is what it’s all about – our product allows more people to be pet owners!

The most recent international pet show was Interzoo... that was an overwhelming experience! We setup our trade stand in Nuremberg Germany two months ago. This show is a biannual show and attracts in excess of 37,000 buyers from all over the world over four days. I met some phenomenal contacts and am going to visit them over the next few weeks where I plan to secure a significant partnership to grow the brand to where I vision it to be.

The products I have developed (we are more than just pet loo) are unique to the global pet industry, they also have a “wow” factor to them – it has put me and my company into a circle of highly successful people who all want to represent our brands in various regions and for us to become part of their strategic partnership group.

I love walking down town (in any major city I’m working in) going into a pet store and having the sales staff explain what the product is and how it works & the benefits it has without them realising I’m the one behind the product. I just love the excitement they have for the product ...

I'm a big believer that failure and the ability to deal with it shapes many entrepreneurs. What failures have you encountered and what would you change looking back?

Failures – Plenty BUT it's how you respond that makes you a champion. Coming from a amateur / professional sporting background you are going to win some games and lose some games but it's how you respond to a loss that allows you to overcome the opponent next time you meet them on the court by tending to the one percenters. While I ALWAYS knew I had it in me... In the past the areas I’ve chosen to really drive hard on haven’t really been ME or the vision and the task / industry haven’t worked. It shaped me which has positioned me to where I am right now. If I hadn’t done the things in the past, then I would have probably failed on this right now and learnt from that to do something else!

What were the three things would you say were most vital to your success with the Pet Loo?

To learn, to heed, to act!

I know where I am as a professional, but I seek the assistance and advise of those that have been there and done that before me. Individually I can’t take on the world but by surrounding myself with successful people with proven experience in excess of thirty years deep – I may come close... and if not... I’ll have a go!

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