Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your chance to win 1,001 real estate tips from worldwide experts

Your Chance To Win!

What’s this all about?

This month to celebrate the launch of Kirsty Dunphey’s new program 1,001 tips for real estate agents to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career we’re running a contest that could see you winning the entire program or some great other prizes.

To enter

All you need to do is submit your best tip for real estate (one or two sentences only) here: along with your name, your website or blog address and where in the world you’re from. Or simply leave your comment on this blog.

What can I win?

The best tip will win 1,001 tips for real estate agents for use in their office, valued at $99.95 AUD.

The next 100 best tips will win your choice of our open home, databasing or property management section from 1,001 tips and will have their tip featured in a “user generated” section (a bonus section to be sent to all purchasers) of 1,001 tips along with a link to their website or blog.

Each entry will win a 30 day gift subscription to and while you can enter as many times as you like, you’ll only win one 30 day subscription per person.

Entries close 18 December, 2008 and winners will be chosen at Kirsty’s discretion. Winners notified by 20 December, 2008.

Some more about the 1,001 Tips program

Kirsty has joined forces with some of the biggest names in real estate worldwide to put together this 1,001 tips to improve, re-energise and re-style your real estate career guide.

Covering all areas of real estate this program will be a huge asset to new agents, however those who have been in the industry for years will still find heaps of ideas to improve their careers.

Each week a new section of the guide will be delivered to your email inbox allowing you to work through it then and there, or save it for time when you want to address: Your Open Homes, Systemization, Dealing with Investors or any of the other categories.

As well as tips from Kirsty this program features - Dirk Zeller, David Knox, John McGrath, Pat Mesiti, John Shackleton, Ron White, Rich Levin, Darryl Davis, Richard Robbins, Colin Dick, Malcom Riley, Amber Werchon and many more.

What is makes writing copy for your real estate advertisements - either sales or property management - really easy! No longer will you need to sit and wrack your brain waiting for inspiration.

We give you the inspiration and save you the perspiration by creating your headings, providing you catch phrases and enhancing the words you already use. Take the tour to see how easy it can be!

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