Thursday, June 11, 2009

998 business ideas, yours for the taking

Just to prove that you really can find anything on the internet if you just know the right place to look:

998 different business ideas contributed from 9 fine young business minds (well Seth Godin thought so), and heaps more in the comments, and while 789 isn’t much of a winner… there’s some awesome content in here even if it does nothing but spark your imagination and creativity.

My other favourite places to find “anything”:

• Another Seth Godin creation: – a lens on anything – wiki your way to untold knowledge - Google scholar, essential for those university types out there looking for references – any t-shirt (well, almost) – for any amount of ramblings – any real estate advertising phrase (and any shameless plug for writer’s own product) – for any old friend you thought you’d never hear from again (and a few stalkers you never knew you had) – any logo designed for you in ridiculously quick time – any aspiring micro-entrepreneur in a third world country waiting for you to assist – any handmade item for you to purchase

With so much information out there – the excuse of I can’t think up a business idea, or I can’t find a creative gift, or I don’t know how to find that information really just don’t cut it anymore.

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