Friday, July 10, 2009

Are You Creating The Magic?

I have a budgie named Walt (Walt Disney), I honeymooned at Disneyland, I’ve written articles and more about them. You could say I’m a crazy Disney fan. Why? Because of the magic. Walt Disney wasn’t perfect, but he did try to distil a little bit of magic back into the lives of the people who interacted with a Disney product.

I’d like to think that while Walt isn’t still with us (the man, not the budgie), that spirit of creating magic still is.

I feel it when I walk into a Build a Bear store where they create a retail experience like no other where you actually make your own teddy bear complete with the ritual that goes along with giving you bear true heart.

The magic was there at a character filled and people packed restaurant I once went to in Texas. There were around 8 of us dining on a huge round table and when it was time for our meals, 8 waiters all stood behind us and in unison placed our plates in front of us.

Magic surges from the website at Toms Shoes where you know that for each pair of shoes you purchase they also donate one to a child in need.

What are you doing to create the magic in your life?

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