Monday, June 7, 2010

It's easy enough to impress me (and most people)

Just do a little extra on top of my expectations and my previous experiences.

A hotel in Atlanta did just that on my recent stay there.

They injected more humour than I was expecting:
The gym is called "Sweat", there's a kaliedoscope in my room, their tone in all communications is fun and casual.

They were more personable than my last hotel:
Staff have been a delight right down to the cleaning staff lady who took time to greet me in a super friendly way and ask me in the hall whether everything in my room was to my satisfaction.

The little details are beyond my expectations:

The mats in the elevators that are changed so they say good morning or afternoon as appropriate.

What are your clients expectations and previous experiences of businesses of your type and are you exceeding those in any memorable ways?

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