Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aged, Wise or Just Plain Old?

I often speak with a fantastic colleague who is older than me in pure years on the planet. But while her hair may be a number of shades greyer than mine, her youthful enthusiasm often leaves me for dead.

She knows the secret to eternal youth doesn’t come in a bottle from a major pharmaceuticals company. It comes from the people you associate with, the new ideas you put into practice and the general attitude you choose to display each day.

Whatever her classically defined age, she’s been young the entire time I’ve known her.

Think you’re too old to be young?

Ray Kroc didn’t – how old was he when he founded the global empire we now call McDonalds. He was 57.

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of my favourite architects was quoted at age 83 as saying that his next masterpiece was going to be his best. (NB: He was in his 60’s when he designed Falling Water:

Colonel Sanders was a spring chicken at just 62 when he established Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Too old to be young? Absolutely – but only if that’s what you believe. How young do you want to be today?

And for my next blog… the reverse for those who are actually far too young in years out there!

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