Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blended Behavior

Blended Behavior I’ve been reading a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of books on baby sleep at the moment (yes, the tiny child has recently gone through a bit of a rough patch with her sleep).

One of the more interesting concepts I’ve read about is “blended behavior”. It’s when your child might show some sign of being sleepy such as rubbing her eyes, but then flash you a big smile and coo happily like she’s wide awake. In short, it’s blended behavior, and she’s probably very tired! Don’t let the smile fool you.

Ever had one of your workmates exhibit adult blended behavior? Snappish one minute and lovely the next? They could well just be tired. When do you need to take it in hand? When the snappish behavior continues longer than an “off” day.

One day they’re dishonest and the next day perfectly pleasant? It’s likely they’re just simply dishonest. Confront them at the first instance of dishonesty and explain that it’s not tolerated in your workplace.

Lazy one minute and interested the next? You probably already know their heart isn’t in it. What can you do to help them revitalize their interest? A new challenge perhaps? But be sure they know we all have mediocre parts to every job and without that (boring) backbone getting done, the organization has no substance.

I must dash now… it’s time to wake the tiny child for her final feed and solicit as many smiles as I can (even if they’re blended in with yawns) before she goes down for the night!

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