Friday, January 13, 2012

Pizzazz or Perfection?

I recently did a cupcake decorating class in preparation for my little girl’s
first birthday. We learned how to decorate three cupcakes, a face, a car on a
road and simple stripes.

As the fabulous instructor Sally showed us how to craft the intricate
decorations, 11 of the 12 people in the class, with the exception of a few
differing colours recreated in excruciating detail the cupcake they were being
shown how to create.
Me – I went a bit off course. Instead of stripes I had a go at a plaid pattern
(with limited success). Instead of a classic 2 box car design, I had a go at a
sportscar with a middle aged driver with a comb-over. Instead of a bun on the
head of my face, my cupcake chick had pony tails and a cheeky grin.

I laughed when I got home thinking that my performance in this cupcake class is
pretty indicative of my work attitude as well. If you want something done
exactly the same way over and over again “perfectly”. I’m not your girl. I’ll
improvise, I’ll test new ways, I’ll get stuff wrong and sometimes I’ll come up
with something brilliant.

Would I want an entire team of “me” working at my company? Not in the least.
It’d be bedlam. We need perfectionists and pizzazers (sure it’s a word)-
what’s your style?

Now… if only I could find a way to incorporate a cupcake decorating class into
my recruitment process…

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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