Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pace your Passion

I’m so fortunate to have a child who loves to read. Well, she’s only 13 months, so right now she loves to be read to. She’s obsessed with books with flaps to fold down, things to move or touch and shiny bits.
She’s also newly fascinated with turning the pages. So much so that she’ll turn them quicker and quicker laughing more and more and all the while making it impossible to read the words, or for her to fold down the flaps she loves so much.

Bless her, in finding one part of the process she loves she’s missing the other parts (for now).
In watching my daughter’s frantic pace it reminded me of times in my career where I’ve discovered a passion for part of a job. I’ve then proceeded to do that part to the best of my ability, with all of my passion, only to sweep other parts of the job (that I didn’t enjoy as much) to the side, forgetting, delegating or under-loving that part of the role. Only problem is, just like my daughter, in doing this you miss the whole story.

The ice cream sales person who loves to sell and create beautiful tasty treats, but doesn’t like to clean their workspace ends up in trouble.

The property manager who loves to interact with clients, but hates to write a proper condition report ends up in trouble.

The travel agent who loves to book exotic locations, but doesn’t dot the I’s on getting the dates right… well we all know where he ends up!

If you just want to turn the pages, you miss the book. Very few of us have such a specialized job that we’re going to love each and every part of it, but what if you just blitzed through the mundane and reveled in the exciting? What if you get the boring stuff done first, and leave the stuff you’re passionate about for the best part of the day? End on a high note, not on a hiding note!

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