Friday, November 16, 2012

Confidently Confident

Earlier this year I sat in a room full of amazing talented females. Photographers galore, of which, I was almost definitely the least experienced (kind of how I like it when I’m learning a new skill).

The woman leading the workshop asked the group at one time “who here doesn’t feel confident?” Now it was a fairly open question. It wasn’t who here doesn’t feel confident they’re the best photographer in the word, or the best in the room, it was just simply “who doesn’t feel confident”.

As I looked around the room I was stunned to see every single person in the room put up their hand – without fail – except myself.

In this room were photographers who are able to so spectacularly capture images that make my heart literally skip a beat with joy and yet none of them left their hand down to confess they felt confident.

I think that some people confuse confidence with arrogance or cockiness and that’s an easy mistake to make whether it’s in the portrayal or the interpretation and maybe that’s a reason some of the amazing women in the room didn’t feel they wanted to own up to the title “Confident”.

For me, the way I saw it however was that these women were predominantly in business for themselves. That takes exceptional confidence. We spoke at length about charging a price that put a high value on the work that they do, despite being bombarded with discount counterparts on every front. Again, being able to stand up for what you’re worth takes huge confidence. They get in front of and control both small and large groups wrangling newborns to pets to octogenarians and give them guidance on styling, posing, locations and more. And to do it well, as so many of them do, that too takes exceptional confidence.

I see the work these women put forward and I see the confidence in it. I see the confidence in them, even where they don’t in themselves and that confidence is spectacular and should be celebrated unashamedly.

Are you confident?

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Ah yes world;)
Dynamic and endless, photography is a lifetime journey.
Learning and confidence come with experience and unless you are living it and breathing it, it's hard to stay at the pointy end.
Many people have the ability to take some great photos, although the path translating that to a business is sometimes one of insurmoutable hurdles.
Perhaps it was a certain humility within these girls that recognised that despite achievement, the prize is so far away, yet its pursuit is such a beautiful journey?
Perhaps true confidence comes after success?


I think however you can have confidence without thinking you're at the peak of your career or thinking you've learned it all.

These women had so much to be confident about - while all of them were still learning and growing!

I just think sometimes confidence can be perceived in such a negative way - when we need it to be able to push ourselves and keep growing!

Thanks for commenting :)


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