Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look what I got you

"Look what I got you!" the smiling friend excitedly said to the bride to be. 

Being proudly presented stood three smiling, charming Irish gentleman with accents to make the bride to be (and her entire hens party) swoon. 

Now I'll admit - I don't do too well with "going out" venues after 10pm (yes I realise how old this reads - but I swear I'm still in my 30's) and to me it sounded like this trio of Irishmen were saying "leprechaun, Guinness, leprechaun" every time they spoke - but I did enjoy watching their interactions. 

One thing I noticed quickly, was that "high fives" seem to still be super popular in Ireland. When something was exciting, they trio would high five. When a friend showed up, they'd high five the new arrival. When the bride pulled out a phallic shaped water pistol... er... that's another story - but I'm sure it involved a high five somewhere. 

In our real estate agency we have clients who live minutes from our office ranging right through to those who live in countries I don't know the capital of. Watching the Irish trio interact reminded me that what's a completely normal practice for me here in Australia might be viewed with anything from playful curiosity through to complete horror depending on the culture I'm interacting with. 

I'm off to google the capital of Qatar and any cultural nuances I need to know about! And next time I'm in Ireland - high fives and Guinness all round. 

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