Thursday, April 12, 2007

Give or Take?

I was reminded recently at a speaking job of a really important lesson. Peter Switzer, one of Australia's most well respected business journalist, author and speakers was the MC for the breakfast job and during the morning he mentioned that so many people approach life and business opportunities with a take take take attitude.

His recommendation was always that - if you're going to go to someone looking to take... give something first. As an example he mentioned a client of his who always sends him a joke every Friday (give) as you can imagine - if that client was then looking for a favour or business hook up from Peter - he's got credit he can draw on (take) because Peter enjoys the jokes.

I like to consider my relationships with people to be like a bank. Give, give, give (or save) before you try to take (or withdraw). It's always easier to get when you've already given.

As an example - if you're looking to get an article written by a journalist as publicity for your business you might try and send through your details saying that you're always available for comment on topics related to your industry or you might send through well thought out and relelvant press releases. And when your contact does respond - always remember to send a thank you!

Where in your life right now do you need to be giving and not just trying to take?

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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