Monday, April 16, 2007

Top 10 Secrets that really got me to the Top - Secret 1

I've been asked by a new reader to write a series of entries entitled "Top 10 Secrets that really got me to the Top". So here goes, you'll find them all in the weekly emails to come:

Secret 1: There Are No Secrets

The more I read, the more secrets I learn - only - they're not secrets because some of the best business tips are written or recorded and out there for anyone with enough get up and go to actually buy a book and (here's the clincher) READ it!

I'm sure we're all guilty of buying books and then putting them aside to gather dust. I know I certainly am, but taking the time to crack the spine and spend a few hours trapped in a book are well worth the investment.

3 gems I've picked up recently:

1. Leadership doesn't have to mean treating all your employees equally (21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)

2. Never too young, Never too old. Your business career can start at any age - I thought I started young, but for a real youthful go getter read Reallionaire.

3. The dramas that happen in a small organisation can be magnified in a huge one - even ones you really admire (Disney War).

To find out more about any of these books head to:

Action point: Pick up a book you've bought and started (or not!) and not finished. If you don't enjoy the book - don't put it back on your shelf, it's not for you - gift it on to someone who you think will get value from it and then pick up the next book.

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