Friday, May 2, 2008

The power in a tiny splash of colour…

The year is 1992 and with all my teenage creativity I’m trying to figure out how I can convincingly transform one pair of generic blue jeans and one small piece of red packing tape into what I most desire: a pair of Levi red tab jeans.

I didn’t care that the jeans my Mum had lovingly picked out for me were durable, I didn’t care about the fit, I didn’t care about the cost. All I cared about was that red tab.

These days I covet a different splash of red. That which you glimpse underneath a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

And then of course there’s arguably the most famous splash of colour of all. The small delicate perfect blue box. Everyone instantly knows where it’s from and what it stands for.

I doubt any of these companies added their splash of colour thinking it was going to be the single thing that revolutionised them as a brand.

The splash of colour doesn’t make the brand. The jeans are no better or worse with or without the red tab and the blue box doesn’t affect the jewellery inside. It’s all about what that splash of colour reminds us of. Whether it says quality, style, value, exclusivity or something else, the tiny splash of colour speaks to us.

When someone sees your splash of colour be it on your logo, your corporate branding, your uniform, your office walls, your signage, your business card – what does it signify to them? What does it remind them to remember about your company, your business, your brand?

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