Friday, May 23, 2008

Why Send A Handwritten Card?

1. People keep them - I’ve seen plenty of handwritten cards lovingly saved on the fridge, desk or a mantle. I’m yet to see too many emails, faxes or text messages souvenired like this.

2. Hand written envelopes are more likely to be opened – because people then know it’s not going to be a bill, some lame business letter or a speeding ticket.

3. It’s different - in this day of email, texting, IMing, facebooking and myspacing – a handwritten card harks back to an gentler era where people cared more – ok, I agree that’s a bit lame, but it shows that you were prepared to spend 2 minutes of your time and a stamp rather than just firing off some ill thought out misspelled email.

4. Why send a handwritten card? Cos the ones written with your feet just aren’t as neat.

How to send a handwritten card:

1. Find a groovy card that says what you want and stands out. I’ve had my own line done up with quotes that reflected the type of message I want to get across like: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible – Walt Disney”

2. Make it stand out. Use a marker instead of a pen, again – it’s different to what people usually get. Different makes people look. Your message will keep them looking.

3. It’s a personal form of contact so take the time to write a personal message! This goes for your Christmas and birthday cards as well – there’s all that blank space inside the card so that you can actually write something. Dear Kirsty, from Kirsty aint gonna cut it.

4. Attach a business card. It’s personal sure, but a business card means the person can easily get in touch with you afterwards – to thank you, to do business with you, to get a coffee – whatever.

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