Friday, January 30, 2009


January 15th, 2009: exactly two months before my 30th birthday, was the day I first found “it”.

“It” symbolised everything I’d ever wanted when I started my first business at 15 and my first real estate agency at 21.

“It” represented “experience, knowledge, wisdom, understanding”. Almost everyone else in real estate had “it” when I first started.

If only…

… I’d had “it” at 21. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been mistaken from the receptionist so often.

… I’d had “it” at 18 perhaps I wouldn’t have felt the need to sell my beloved first car to get something more appropriate to be seen with the black BMWs.

But then…

… if I’d had it at 20, perhaps I wouldn’t have pushed myself in the classroom to learn so much about my industry so that I could show in my own special way that while I didn’t have “it” I still knew enough to be an industry leader.

… if I’d had it at 24, perhaps I wouldn’t have taken so many risks on my crazy ideas, many of which paid off so well and helped us earn our reputation as true innovators.

… if I’d had “it” at 27, perhaps I wouldn’t have made the decision some said was crazy and sold out of my group of 6 real estate agencies.

January 15th, 2009 was the day I saw my first grey hair. But, you know what… I’m glad I didn’t have it before now and I hope it doesn’t change the way I act in business now.

Despite “my age” being more traditional in the business arena now (with my grey hair to prove it) I still hope…

… I continue to take risks.
… I continue to feel like I need to go above and beyond.
… I continue to mess things up.
… I continue to be different.

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