Monday, March 2, 2009

It’s Not That Hard To Change The World…

I’m sure deep down, we’d all like to make a difference in the world, but sometimes our day to day lives get a little hectic and we don’t get around to it.

Here’s 3 ways you can make a difference right now:

1. Go donate blood (you can save a life, help someone with burns or cancer RIGHT now)

2. Find a cause online and get out the credit card (it’s simple and you’ll get a happy buzz that’ll last you all day long – check out as one great example)

3. Send someone who makes your world a better place a handwritten card and let them know.

4. Antoinette Wood (sensational event organiser in Townsville) gave me this fantastic idea. Get together a bunch of friends (fellas, sorry I think this may work better with the ladies!) for a cocktail and have them all bring along any clothes they have that are in good condition but just don’t get worn any more (perhaps these items are the wrong size or were impulse buys). Then auction them off amongst your friends with all the funds going to charity (and consider donating any left overs to charity as well!).

So simple, and do-able right now. How have you changed the world for the better today?

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