Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three quick easy and not too shameless ways to get publicity for free

1. Entering (and preferably winning) awards programs = free publicity and credible media opportunities. But you know what, entering, being nominated or being a finalist and not winning also has the fabulous benefits of the networking opportunities and in many cases it gives you an ability to sit down and do some very cathartic thinking about your business.

2. Perform a survey and put out a press release on the results. We just did one recently on the real estate industry here: using a free online survey program and having 500 people respond. The results give journalists some statistics to work with and help get your name out there when you're published as a source.

3. Subscribe to HARO (help a reporter out! There are lots of journalists / bloggers out there looking for great sources – it can be a bit US centric, but there are still awesome opportunities to be found.

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