Thursday, February 25, 2010

Universal Education

As I write this I'm kicking back after a long and fabulous day in a hotel in Amman, Jordan. The 4.55pm call to prayer has just been broadcast from the nearby striking blue mosque mirroring the one that woke me at 5am. I've spent the day practicing my Arabic while rummaging through an ancient and amazingly preserved Roman city: Jerash.

It's my first time to the middle East and I expected the trip to be my most culturally confronting yet. I'm on just my second day at the moment, but I've been more struck by the similarities than the differences so far.

Of greatest impact to me was a conversation with our driver from the airport yesterday.

He told us so much about Jordan and Amman with the highlight being the huge impact Jordanians place on education. He stated a literacy rate of 96% and told me that while Jordan wasn't an "oily" country, they pride themselves on their "brain factory". He said everyone wants to be more successful and more well educated than everyone else they know. Everyone bar one though: their child. They all want to see their children do better than them. A universal truth indeed.

Its reminded me, when dealing with my international clients in future to respect the differences, but actively seek out the similar motivations and desires that are really universal.

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