Wednesday, February 10, 2010

With passion and potential is it ever too late to be what you might have been?

I’ve always been really inspired by my father in law who left the forestry industry when he was about my age to become a doctor. I know so many people who stick it out in jobs every day that they don’t love and his story always shows me that if you have the passion and think you have potential – age shouldn’t be an impediment.

I mean if James Cameron (director and writer of Avatar) can decide to pursue a career in film leaving his job driving trucks and if Harland “Colonel” Sanders can have a go at steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, fireman, farmer and soldier before finding his calling at age 66 and bringing us KFC – what’s holding you back?

Thanks to my father in law for the inspiration and thanks to James Cameron – as much as we need truck drivers the thought of Avatar (not to mention some of his other amazing work) not existing is torture!

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By Kirsty Dunphey with 2 comments


After 10 years in realestate and at 46 years of age, Ive decided to plunge into business ownership (alone). Nearly every other new owner Ive met has been at least 10 years younger than me (and male!) so Im counting on it not being too late. Thanks for your inspirational emails each Friday, I always look forward to them. Cathy Pieroz - Ray White Real Estate (formerly Harcourts)

Cathy - wow! What a huge step for you.

Wishing you every success. It is NEVER too late!!


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