Friday, May 25, 2012

Write it down

This rather gloriously drawn image poked its head out at me while I was “de-cluttering” today. Now, clearly I’m not Picasso, but I do appear to be a pretty good fortune teller.

I’m not sure when I drew this, but it clearly lists three goals I wanted to achieve before I exited my 20’s (15 March, 2009).
- Baby Teresa
- Graduate MBA
- Travel Egypt

As I write this today I’m 33, so a couple of years have passed, but each one of these goals can well and truly be classed as completed (well – one is still and will always be a work in progress – Baby Teresa).

So here’s how I went:

I travelled to Egypt in 2010 (so a little later than predicted) with a gorgeous girlfriend Peta. We spent 5 glorious weeks in Egypt and Jordan and it was phenomenal. I learnt basic Arabic, I ate new exciting dishes like fuul (yum) and best of all I saw the Pyramids and Petra.

I finally (and I say finally because I was at uni on and off for 12 years!) graduated university with an MBA on August 17th 2009. Now on this one I actually did hit the time frame because I finished my last class in January of that year just missing the graduation ceremony so I had to wait until August to officially graduate.

And Baby Teresa ( launched in September, 2009. It’s a project I’m so passionate about and lucky to have co-founded with my gorgeous business partner Sammie. It’s a clothing line where for each romper we sell we also donate another to a baby in need. We’ve now done donations in over 20 countries world wide.

Now, looking back, am I fussed that 2 (almost 3) of these goals were achieved after the time frame I’d drawn on my piece of “art”? Not really! I was pretty close scraping them all in within 10 months of my time frame.

What’s most important here is that I set myself targets and I achieved them. I wrote down what I wanted to do and become and here I am with every one of them done.

I don’t usually goal set in this way above (pretty pictures, vision boards etc), I have a box of goals which I blogged about here in 2008. It’s super low tech, just a file card box with one goal on each card. When I achieve something I write the date I did it – and usually a little smiley face. I don’t think it matters HOW you go about detailing your goals – just that you do it?

What are your goals? Write them down. Heck – write them down by telling them to me - I want to know – head on over and let me know on

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