Friday, July 6, 2012

360 Degree Performance Reviews

Like most organizations, at Elephant Property, we conduct performance reviews of our team every 6 months. We assess what each team member can improve on going forward and what they’re doing well.

Starting last month and finishing today in both our offices, we also allowed the staff to rate each person in a business ownership, leadership or management role in our organization.

Terrifying? A little. Valuable? Absolutely.

What I’ve found over the years in doing these to be really important:

  1. Guarantee anonymity to the team participating – it’s the only way you get honest results. We have them compiled by one staff member and all put into an envelope and mixed up. Everyone marks in the same way usually with the same pen.
  2. Properly explain how to fill the forms in. I even fell in a hole with this on the most recent round – need to remember this more carefully next time!
  3. Take it on the chin. Take the feedback you get as areas to improve upon and areas you’re doing well in. Not – well the staff clearly hate me!
  4. Assess multiple leaders, you’ll almost always find that one leader’s strength is another’s weaker point – meaning you have what you need in house to improve.
  5. Reassess every 6 months making sure your leaders focus on improving their scores each time.
Want a copy of the form we use in house for our management 360 degree performance appraisals? View or download it on our facebook page here.

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