Friday, December 7, 2012


This is the word I use when I’m angry/frustrated/annoyed. Usually – I’m partially to blame and I certain was this weekend past when all I could think was “ARG!!”.

A customer had sent an email and I’d replied to it – flippantly, without the right amount of tact and without the type of customer service I usually proudly deliver.

And guess what – he had the nerve to call me on it!

He even suggested I write a blog on it called “Teacher Doesn't Apply Own Lessons”.


I was steaming. I fumed. I vented a little. I wrote back to him and challenged him.

He backed down.

I calmed down and tried to reopen the dialogue. Because… he was right.

He handled the matter tactfully and in a grown up manner. And eventually I got there too (I hope).

So while I won’t indulge him and write a blog called Teacher Doesn't Apply Own Lessons” – I will write one admitting…

-       that even those of us who love customer service, have our off days
-       that we should all take time to pause before we reply to emails either too light heartedly, with venom or with anger
-       that even if we don’t necessarily see the customer’s point – we should thank them for bringing it to our attention rather than just whining about it behind our backs – or, in this day and age, whining about it behind our bank and in everyone’s face on social media.

Thank you Terry – lesson received loud and clear. 

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You're welcome! You honor me with your post. I want all my clients to call me on my stuff when I'm not being who I want to be. They rarely do.

I appreciate all you do and enjoy getting your posts in my inbox regularly. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!


Well Terry - you honoured me by taking the time to (repeated) make sure I got the message and for that I am sincerely thankful! Merry Christmas to you as well - love your honesty. K

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