Thursday, February 14, 2013

Better the devil you know?

Short of being a classic hrm… debatable – let’s say memorable Kylie Minogue song from my childhood – I was reminded of this saying this week when I heard of someone who had been made an offer to change workplaces.

The dollars were being offered in abundance, the appeal was clear.

Only – what else comes with the dollars? It’s hard to tell from an offer made on a piece of paper. What’s your new boss going to be like when you have an issue or conflict or need guidance? How are you going to interact with your new workmates? What clientele will you be inheriting to deal with?

And if you do decide to change workplaces, are you able to transition in a way that’s both fair and reasonable to you and your goals and ambitions and to the people who’ve previously employed you? To quote another oft used saying – will you burn bridges as you go?

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