Thursday, February 21, 2013

Speaking on Success

One of my fabulous, inspirational, successful, wonderful girlfriends just left my house. Embarking on her first speaking gig tomorrow we spent the last hour going over her talk and embracing all the amazing-ness that is her.

What I find especially funny – is that she’s not even sure if the organization that’s having her speak tomorrow has gotten it “right”. By that – she knows they want someone to come and talk about their success, but she’s not sure if she fits the bill!

Let’s see… she’s a multiple business owner, at the top of her field in two disciplines, she’s an award winner, a property investor, an amazing mother, a dedicated wife and she’s about to journey into yet another passion of hers very soon taking a big leap into the unknown.

In short – she rocks.

And she baulked at the idea of them even putting her down as a “business woman” on the program.

Her story tomorrow, for those 40 women lucky enough to hear her will be real, honest, engaging and inspiring and as much as they deserve to hear it – she deserves to tell it. Thank you for inspiring me Cathryn – love you! 

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