Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 reasons you should enter an awards program today

In no particular order…

1.     Perceived Credibility – great for new businesses and great for young people in business.

2.     Free Publicity – newspapers, magazines, even TV depending on the award that you win. Winning it means not paying for it and that further multiplies point 1 - the credibility factor .

3.     Networking opportunities – win or don’t win (there’s no losing when it comes to awards) making it to nominee or finalist status gives you opportunities for networking with other amazing people both in and judging the awards program.

4.     Become more knowledgeable about your business – submitting an entry to most business awards is time consuming yes, but can also be an amazing tool to use for your future business planning and can help you get a proper removed view of just where your business sits right now and what opportunities lay in the future.

5.     Business opportunities – point 3 – network = meet amazing people = opportunities for new business.

6.     Something to put on your website / business cards / email signature or blog about– again magnifying point 1.

7.     Ability to open up other side ventures – depending on who you network with (point 3) you’ll be amazed at the business ideas that flow when fabulous people are all around you inspiring you and brainstorming with you.

8.     It gives you clients another opportunity to validate their support in you. I always love hearing that someone I support (or an organization) is being recognized by their peers or an industry award program.

9.     Fancy outfits, fun evenings, team morale – who doesn’t like a fancy evening out and it also gives you an opportunity to treat your team.

10.    You might actually win and then everything above is magnified. 

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Fabulous reasons Kirsty! I've posted these with a link to your blog on our website, to encourage people to enter the Whitsunday Tourism Awards! Thank you

Awesome TW - glad you liked the blog and good luck getting lots of entries for your awards - I LOVE the Whitsunday's - we honeymooned there! xx Kirsty

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