Thursday, May 2, 2013

Email is simple

(work related email that is)

If you want to be known as someone accountable, dependable and on top of their email game.

You get an email and you either:

a)  deal with it (ie: do it, delete it, reply to it)


b)  you acknowledge it with a time frame as to when you’ll get it done and you put some sort of reminder in place (whether it’s a diary task, putting the email into a folder, a manual note – whatever works) so that you stay accountable to that time frame.

You do not…

a)  read email
b)  re-read email later on
c)  re-read email and stress about not having done it yet
d)  accidentally file email into a “to do” folder and forget it
e)  keep the email without acknowledging it to the person you got it from
f)  re-read the email (again)

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