Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goal Collages

When thinking about what you want to achieve in life, how do your goals manifest themselves in your thinking?

Do you see pictures? Hear sounds? Feel the wave of exhilaration?

For me, I tend to visualise pictures of the event happening. I see myself exploring ancient ruins in Egypt or slipping into that divine pair of heels. I picture myself reading the 52 books I want to read in a year or seeing my husband on our 50th wedding anniversary.

If you’re a pretty visual person like I obviously am enjoy the following “Goal Collages” superbly created by a coaching client of mine Brett Withington (personal trainer and business owner extraordinaire: www.jumpfitandpt.com.au).

Some of his goals quite clearly include family holidays, teaching, a new kitchen, cars and getting media coverage for his business.

I love the way he’s got this page laid out with a time frame to achieve his goals (July, 2009). He’s added a bit of humour by cutting his own head out and imposing over a teacher’s and he’s made sure it’s got a great balance with family, relaxation, business and personal goals.

I even took a leaf out of Brett’s album and had this photo taken of something I’d one day like to do – get interviewed by Oprah.

While I’m aware that this photo is NOT of my most flattering angle, it’s a great visual reminder of a goal.

While you may not have access to a wax model of a superstar to meet and you may not be as graphically talented as Brett – any one of us can grab a travel magazine, a photo of us and some scissors and get started on a goal collage right now.

And if playing with scissors, glue and paper feels little childish, why not plan one with your kids this weekend and get a feel for it that way!

Happy collaging

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Go where the path may lead, but make sure, you leave a trail along the way. My goal every 5 years is to look back and see what achievements or mistakes that I have made, learn from these and then move on and up the anti for a little bit more next time.
cheers Janine

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