Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I work in real estate and my boss won't train me - what do I do? Paul

Response -

Here's what I would do in this situation:

Check with the real estate institute in my state - most of them have free or low cost training libraries that you can borrow materials from.

Encourage the rest of the agents in your office to, as a group, go to your boss with a plan for establishing a training library in your office that all agents can borrow books, CDs and DVDs.

Go to my boss with a plan for my training development. I'd include things like, what amount of commitment I intended to put in to the training - ie: number of hours a week, what books I'd read, what financial commitment I was prepared to make etc, and what I would like to request of my boss - ie: courses I wanted to attend in the future if I lived up to my commitment, what benefits my boss would receive etc etc.

Make it a negotiation - show that you're prepared to put in the time / effort and show your boss what benefit they will receive.

Training comes in all forms - ask for a coffee with the most successful agent in your office to pick their brain - it's a great way to train yourself.

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