Friday, February 15, 2008

The secret weapons to success could be right at your fingertips Part IV

My desk is a veritable treasure trove of weaponry… weapons of success that is. Having spent much of my working life at a desk in front of a computer I decided a few years ago that what I had with me at my desk was going to be vital in assisting me towards achieving my definition of success.

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Weapon 4. The book of knowledge

Ever been to a seminar, read a book, heard someone speak and been introduced to a great idea – only to realise that you’ve heard it before, thought it was great and then deleted it from your brain almost as quickly as it arrived!

My book of knowledge is what I use to avoid as many of those moments (which used to happen to me A LOT!) Any time I read, hear or learn something that triggers that light bulb moment for me – I write in my book of knowledge.

It’s a pretty simple concept and one which has greatly assisted not only in using one of my many groovy notebooks (I think I may have an addiction to them) – but also in tracking the best ideas that come into my brain (before they head out again!). While I truly think the human brain is an amazing thing, mine certainly doesn’t remember everything it needs to. By reading back over this book which contains ideas, business strategies, quotes, stories, articles I get an instant rush of inspiration. And if you’re someone (like myself) who can’t bear to deface a book by highlighting or writing in it – it just make work as a solution for you too.

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours." John Locke

The last weapon to come soon!

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