Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goal Achieved

Today (16 June, 2008) is a great day, a day I achieved a goal that took me one year in the making. Well – one year less 2 weeks.

On the 1st of July 2007 I decided I was going to read a book a week – 52 in total for the (Australian) financial year.

For those of you keen to now what occupied that year, the list follows at the end of this post. Often the titles are in short hand – bear in mind this is just the list I kept to keep track – any questions, just post me a comment.

My faves are also reviewed here: www.kirstydunphey.com/readmore.html

Is it time you set yourself a reading goal? For me – I probably read about 20 books in the year before this, and I knew one a week was achievable but would push me. If you’re reading 5 books a year, maybe one a month might be a great goal?

Happy reading,


July - 8
How to be wildly wealthy fast
Year of yes
The four hour work week
Peter sheahan - gen y
Would you like attitude with that
Open for inspection
Twelve pillars

August - 7
Greatest networker in the world
Harry Potter and the PS
Secrets of Great Coaches Exposed
Dark Angel III
Make a name for yourself
Secrets of Top Sales Professionals
Keys to success

September - 5
Who moved my cheese?
Every second counts
Beyond the lemonade stand
How I retired at 26
Inside delta force

October - 6
I want what she's having
You inc
Womens ventures
The dip

November - 2
One red paperclip
Behind the arches

December - 5
How to win friends and influence people
The outsider's edge
Think big and kick ass
How full is your bucket?

January - 3
Small is the new big
How to create an income for life

February - 5
Living History
The passion test
Buzz marketing
Secrets of business builders
One minute goddess

March - 5
Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed
No Mountain High Enough
A Lotus grows in the mud
Brand New Day
Secrets of Great Rainmakers

April - 1
Unleashing the idea virus

May - 2
Masters of Success
Your life only a gazillion times better

June - 3
The bear necessities of business
Startup nation
Rules for Renegades

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By Kirsty Dunphey with 8 comments


Reading is good... but doing is better.


Ahh Brad... I agree, doing is good.

But I personally believe doing in an educated way is better (hence the reading!)

ahhh Kirsty... Great interviews. You're all over it. Lets catch up when you are next in Sydney. I'll show you what I'm up to. It's very cool... Maybe I'll be able to write a book at 26!!!!!!

Well done.

Well done on achieving your goal! As a self confessed "bookaholic" who is also starting up my own business, I love your list of reads - I've read a few of them, but there are also a few I haven't. Your list has given me some new ideas for future reads!

As an aside, one of my favourite business books is "Blue Ocean Strategy" - a great read if you have not already read it.

Congratulations Kirsty! Your book case must be over flowing. What a clever idea, having goals for the financial year instead of just the calendar year.

Mmm, now to think of a goal or two for myself.....


Melissa - thanks for the tip, I love hearing what other people love to read.

Ty, I too have about 6 or so books I'm about half way through. The ones I love just seem to read themselves and the ones I just like - well - I get through them eventually!

Karen - The goal was set for the financial year because that's just when I decided on it (about mid June 07) - I'll set a goal any old time of the year! Why wait! :)

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