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What do you NEED to have happen for it to be a great day?

This was one question was posed to me in a coaching session (by the fabulous Rik Rushton ) last week.

At first I thought it was a pretty easy question to answer, but the more I wrote lists of what I thought I “needed”, I realised that so many of them were just things I “wanted” and weren't essential to me having a great day.

So I’m posing the question to you: Can you help me out with my list by telling me what you NEED to have happen in a day, for it to be a great day?

Post your answers as comments below.

Thanks in advance,


By Kirsty Dunphey with 27 comments


For it to be a great day for me - that's easy - I just need to wake up each morning - at my age that's definitely the best start to having a great day.

For me, I need to start with having had a great sleep which seems to becoming increasingly difficult! A yummy breakfast always helps too. Having a good hair day also adds to the greatness of the day! When I go over what I've done during the day and I feel happy about that then my day has been great - whether it was being incredibly productive with work and achieving lots on my to do list, or being incredibly productive with relaxing.

I need to be appreciated by someone, whether it's an employer, family or friends. Just someone to say "you're doing a great job" is all I need.

For me to have a great day I need to start with a clear list of what needs to be achieved for the day, and to reach the end of the list and have everything crossed off and the next day organised, means it's been a productive day. Oh, and like Suse, having a good hair day helps, along with some chocolate!

i believe to have a great day, all you need to do is wake up with a smile on your face and keep that smile on your face with a positive attitude no matter how bad or gloomy a situation is, there is always a positive way around it.

I need to smile or maybe laugh at least once & to have at least one person smile back at me!

To have a great day I need to make 60 prospecting calls,set two listing appointments and in an ideal world list two auctions. Gotta go - need to start calling!

I need to be able to create something new, innovative & fresh, inspire and empower someone, and have joy

I LOVE this question. Well for me it's to stop wasting my time and do what I've been procrastinating on for 2 days now. I'm gonna take our old friend, Brian Tracy's advice and 'Eat that Frog'.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Kirsty.

Glenn Twiddle
Real Estate Training Brisbane

I do not have a need but the desire to know that I not wasting time. To experience my life to the fullest without being pretentious, false or artificial. My need is to call family or 'real friends' and ask them, 'how are you today' and finally wishing them a great, safe and healthy day. My need is teach my 10 year young son that life is 'not all roses' as there are many more flowers to see and smell. My need is to understand that its the little 'real' things in life that really turns me on. Its all those 'little thing's that make up for life's 'Bigger Picture'. Finally a need to simply...wander of to 'Balmoral Beach' (In the best city of the world of course Sydney) buy that grilled perch, some chips, sit on the grass and watch that million dollar view!! You too, have a great day, Regards, Johannes.

To have a great day I need to be out of my pj's by 8:30, have the house tidied by noon, get out in the sunshine in the arvo, and have a calm 5-7pm period with my 4 month old.
Good question. I have never thought if this before. Its 8:59am, best be off and get changed....

It is only in very recent times; however, I need only to be grateful to have a great day. To me, everyday is a great day now. I don't know how I lived so long the other way.

To experience some Love [Giving or receiving].
Family, friends, strangers, self...

Every day is a great day! Though for me to be happy at the end of the day, I need to have cleared my desk, returned emails and calls and have my 8 week old baby smile at me and a kiss from my husband. Crossing off the 'to do' list and feeling love, no greater day :)

Guys - I've so enjoyed reading all your comments as they come through! Some have definitely made me giggle, but I've also had a good many that have made me re-address my list. cheers and thanks as always

For me a great day is having breakfast with my wife,helping my salespeople list or sell a property,making people smile and see the funny side of life and spending time with my kids.

Mine is easy, spend as much time as possible with my amazing husband and adorable son and do something towards making a great life for my family. I also need tea or the day is just a write off!
I have a lot of great days!

To have a GREAT day I need to wake up. It's all about choice. Even if things don;t go as planned, expected, or hope for - the day was still GREAT because it beats the alternative.

I strongly believe in "Destiny" & "Choice".
We all have a destiny but every day we have a choice whether to just accept or change it......

A good day is when I create a little sunshine for myself or others. To feel connected - whether it is looking a customer or the barista @ the coffee counter in the eye and acknowleging thier presence or taking a few moments to experience some presence and connectedness with myself. A Good Day definitely entails giggles, and stretching- to be thankful for the choices we have in the way we respond, speak, think, behave and feel. A great day is to appreciate what we have. Even on the crummiest of days, my partner and I share our "highlights of the day" to help remind ourselves what we might think is the pits-really ain't all that bad afterall.

To go through the day pain free, get my work done efficiently and effectively and to have good interaction/conversation with my family, friends and co-workers.

I just go into my 6 month old daughters room 1st thing in the morning & she is patiently waiting for Mum or Dad to collect her for a cuddle. Her biggest smile of the day is at this time, and she is so animated & excited to see us that she can hardly control herself - That is what I NEED to be a great day

For me, every day has the potential to be a great day.
It helps when I literally wake up smiling, look around at my little world and am satisfied with what I'm building. Of course I aspire for more, but when I feel myself getting greedy, I remind myself to 'Give more and expect less'.
I remind myself of the many people around the world who are doing it so much tougher than myself, and it's these thoughts that allow me to appreciate my life.
'Live simply and appreciate what you have.'
The simplest things can bring us happiness, and I know I'll have a great day when I'm happy to wake up and am looking forward to the day ahead. If I'm not, then I change my state of mind! Positive thoughts!
Also a big believer in making lists of to-do's and goals. Crossing off helps me feel a sense of achievement. I TRY to get all those things I would normally procrastinate done by 10am.
I also know it's going to be a great day when I get up and going no later than 5:30-6am. I get so much more out of my day - so much can be done and out of the way in these early hours!

I need to be able to get up and say 'out loud', "I am a child of God!" This sets my thoughts right and that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

1) wake up
2) have the love of my life smile at me and tell me I'm loved
3) the rest is up to me!

A great day for me needs to start with me remembering how lucky I am to be blest with another day. Idealistically that is all I would need but as I am not mature enough to truly appreciate that like some, ie Laurel Dunphey, I need a lot more for it to be a great day.
* I need faith to meet its demands honestly, kindness to share in the pain and joy of others, patience so as not to give up hope plus a sense of humour. (I loved the way Cecilia Mack worded those needs for me last year without even knowing I was paying attention).
* Next I need to accept myself, remembering that "no matter how bad my physical, mental, social or spiritual condition, I am always a human person loved by God and a connecting link between persons; that I am still valuable; my life has a purpose; and I have my unique place and my unique part in my Creator's own saving, healing and transforming work" GROW BB pg 7.
* I then need throughout the day to be confident enough to "accept the 'disorders in lesser things' (losses, embarrassments, hurts, setbacks, failures, wrongs) for the sake of 'order in greater things', ie the victory of life, love and joy in me and around me" GROW bb pg 57.
* If the chips appear to be against me that day I need to remember I always have the good old "six of the best" (best thing I tasted, smelt, saw, received, did for myself, did for someone else) to keep the day great with the above and perk myself up. They enable me to remain cofident enough to see the beauty of love, love and joy all around me and so often amaze me how they do so in such a simple way - wouldn't I love it if the best thing I saw, like Troy Harris, was a little child of my own!
* After getting myself in the right frame of mind I need to remember - it ain't all about me! That the unique place and part I referred to includes very much the needs of others NOT just myself.

Maybe I'm greedy needing all the above but Kirsty didn't say we were limited! I do long for the day when I am mature enough and confident enough to just have the first need. I am very happy in my life but I know I have a lot to learn but that growth will be half the fun!

I will write another article in a few weeks so please return to read it. Life Experience Degrees | Animated Explainer Videos

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