Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beer-O’Clock Or Reflection Time?

As I sit at my desk writing this post, it’s Friday afternoon.

Ahh.. the end of the week.

What does the end of the week mean for you? Is it time to look back and see how things have gone that week? Does it mean that beer-o’clock is just that little bit closer? Does it mean that your real life (the weekend) is just about to start?

It could even mean all three of those things, but if you’re keen to have a bit of a reflection (perhaps before beer-o’clock) consider asking yourself the following questions.

In the past two months…

1. What have I done that has challenged me?
2. Who have I met that has enriched my life?
3. What book / blog post have I read that has helped me learn something?
4. What have I figured out about myself?
5. Who have I thanked?
6. Whose life is better for having me in it?
7. What goal have I achieved or am I closer to achieving?
8. What didn’t I get done, that I wish I had?
9. What was the highlight (and how can I replicate that or something similar in the future)?
10. What was the lowlight (and how can I avoid it in the future)?

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